62 Reserve Artillery Regiment

The 2 Eastern Reserve Brigade is an affiliation of the 2 Eastern Brigade under the Permanent Defence Force of Ireland. We recruit, train, and accompany part-time military officers to supply the government whenever the need arises. In this capacity, our brigade may be called upon to provide military officers to support administrative and security roles in Kildare, Monaghan, Dublin, Wicklow, Meath, and Louth.


The (Part) Time of Your Life

Let’s talk about the (part) time of your life as a military officer under the 62 Reserve Artillery Regiment. Have you ever wished to be in the military? To be like the men and women in uniform who carry the heavy burden of being protectors of our territory and lives? Then know that these people sign-up to be what they are and each of them must undergo a rigorous training process to ensure that they can stay safe and keep others safe too. Do you wish to embark on a new journey in your life as part of the military? Then you are at the right place: visit our blog to get all the necessary info.

About Us

What’s an ordinary weekend like in your world? We guess it is not about getting involved with an army reserve for an exercise battle on all arms. At our regiment, we make it possible for people to become a part of a covert artillery observation team with the aim of gathering information on the enemy. You will be inserted via helicopter and equipped with night vision and thermal imaging to get each mission done. Alternatively, you could join a 105-mm gun crew to test your shooting skills.

If you’ve taken part in any such activity before, it should be a sort of refreshing session for you. Newcomers are equally welcome to sign-up for a place within our regiment. As a part-time force, you will be receiving professional military training while being paid. The time spent in the reserve will fetch you some quality experience and challenges that can help build you physically and mentally.

62 Reserve Artillery Regiment is a unit that supports the 2 Eastern Reserve Brigade. The part-time forces of our combat unit are people from all works of life that rely on our work and commitment. We have a guarantee for providing battlefield intelligence through the development of “fire support” plans for retrograde, offensive, and defensive operations.

We invite you to come visit and see us in action if you’re interested. All plans for visit dates and upcoming field exercises will be put up early enough to ensure that we get your demands at least two weeks before the due period. Also, you can check out the RTE news report on a 2 Eastern Reserve Brigade training exercise.

About our Brigade

The regiment is a centre of excellence for artillery training in the Defence Forces. It is composed of high-quality staff who have a lot of experience with artillery training. During training programs, we conduct courses in technical and career skills for artillery soldiers. This is coupled with demonstrations using combined arms, corps exercises, and the evaluation of artillery techniques, tactics, and procedures. We equally stay up to date by using modern-time technology to deliver the best possible training to recruits.

To fully take up any roles made available for our recruits, the 2 Eastern Reserve Brigade carries out regular training and recycling sessions. Our military personnel complete specific offensive exercises that correspond to the various brigade units of the 2 Eastern Brigade. Recently, we completed an all-arms battalion-level offensive training involving the brigade units shown below.

At the 62 Artillery Regiment, we have the objective to help recruits be the best they can be. We provide them with the training and knowledge they need to be successful in their roles as part-time military workers. This includes creating a comfortable and supportive professional environment where recruits can learn and grow. Our regiment constantly works to improve knowledge and skills by learning from other institutions.

About the Army Reserve

The Army Reserve is all about providing support to the 2 Eastern Brigade for air and field operations, and administrative roles. The services we provide specifically include fire support for armoured troops and infantry, aid to civil power duties, ground-level and low-level air defence, and light field battery assistance to the Irish battalion overseas.

The field artillery brigade has three field batteries, each made up of specific light artillery weapons. The headquarters battery includes logistical and administrative elements, as well as survey communications, locating capabilities, and transport. As the main function, the field artillery regiment provides indirect fire support to the brigade’s manoeuvre forces. In other words, the field artillery is the brigade’s principal indirect fire weapon system, and each battery is associated with a particular manoeuvre battalion during operations and in training.

The air artillery brigade uses different types of aircraft to efficiently perform its job. The aircraft used here have different capabilities, and the recruits are trained to distinguish each and know when and how to use them. All recruits who successfully make it through the air artillery brigade stand a chance to join missions to support government departments and agencies. When funds are made available, the air artillery recruits make use of radar systems to watch for threats and stay on alert. Considering that the 62 Reserve Artillery Regiment is an affiliate of the 2 Eastern Brigade, our support brigade on a mission may be called to carry out fixed tasks and operations within its domain of competence. Our recruits can partake in inshore and offshore maritime patrol, parachuting operations, and surveillance as well as join an air ambulance team. Air artillery recruits can equally join the operations wings of the Air Corps to carry out inland search and rescue, civil assistance, and ministerial air transport services.

Other major functions held by our brigade include base administration, logistics, crash rescue services, management of aviation electronics, and security and maintenance.

To join our team of professionals and get started with the (part) time of your life, get in contact with us at any time. Refer to the application form on our welcome page to submit your info and we’ll get back to you in the shortest possible time.